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William George Salt (1837 - 1902)
WILLIAM GEORGE SALT was born in the year 1837 in St. Pancras in the County of Middlesex, London England. The husband of Adelaide Maria Wheeler, he provided the backdrop for four future generations of professional engineers and mariners. He received his 1st Class Certification as an Engineer on the 22nd of August, 1876 and the earliest available recorded census from the year 1861 lists his occupation as an Engine Fitter.

WILLIAM fathered six children over a period of ten years; Emma, Adelaide, William George II, Frederick, Eliza, and Henry James. William George II continued in his father's foot steps as an Engineer as did his youngest son, Henry James. The presence of the fourth, originally unknown child (Frederick) was discovered during research in the 1871 UK census. Frederick Salt was born in 1867 and passed away on the 5th of November, 1871 at the age of five of Variola (smallpox).
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Showing early signs of a true mariner at heart, the 1881 UK census lists the Salt family address as 2 Chapel Road, Hedworth Monkton & Jarrow, in the County of Durham, England, directly beside the "Crown & Anchor" pub.

WILLIAM GEORGE SALT passed away on the 17th of March, 1902 of cardiac failure in the County of Durham at 65 years of age
"A True Mariner at Heart ..."
The story has been passed throughout the generations of a time during one particular trip in the year 1883 in which WILLIAM GEORGE came into possession of a Monkey. Yes you read correctly a Monkey . The story continues that this Monkey had a taste for plums and that his original owner, much to the dismay of his neighbour, had taught the Monkey to fetch plums from their tree for his enjoyment ... and that of the owner.

This, of course, begs the modern day question. Would such a possession today be charged the necessary Good and Services tax on landing or would have WILLIAM GEORGE been required to register this "worker" and pay the requisite Medicare costs?
"A Little Monkey Business "