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Information courtesy of Cliff Lilly
 Little Burnt Bay, Newfoundland
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The Lilly Family & Exploits, Newfoundland
Exploits (Burnt Islands) is one of the oldest communities on the North East coast of Newfoundland. The coastline around the two islands measures roughly 14 miles. The land on these two islands is very mountainous in nature with soil being very thin in most places. There were parts of the islands on the back of the community, which were very heavily wooded at one time. The Harbour takes its name from what was years ago considered the mighty majestic River Exploits.

Unfortunately, there is not a great amount of information regarding the early history of Exploits that has been recorded. What is known of Exploits has been passed down by word of mouth, generation after generation, by the families of the small fishing community.
The Father of French-Canadian Poetry