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“Some Famous Relatives”
I’ve said it a few times now that you just never know what you’ll find when you dig deep enough. This project has shown me exactly how right I was. Long lost relatives, photographs, stories, and now … some individuals you likely never would have imagined that you had a connection to. While I wouldn’t be rushing to stake a claim on any famous estates just yet, it does make for interesting conversation. It also explains why a number of my relatives seemed to have an affinity to show tunes and cheesy poems.

 You’ll note that most are through the BLOUIN family line right now but I’m confident it won’t end there. Some of you have already passed on info on other famous relatives through different lineage. If you know of some and have the actual lineage connection, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Enjoy …
Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien – Prime Minister of Canada

Born on the 11th of January, 1934, he was the twentieth Prime Minister of Canada and was the ninth leader of the Liberal Party of Canada from 1990 to 2003. Jean Chrétien is the 8th Great-Grandson of Jean Leclerc and Pérette Brunet.

My connection … 8th cousin, twice removed.
The Dionne Quintuplets

Born on 28 May, 1934, the Dionne sisters are the first quintuplets known to have survived their infancy. The chances of having identical quintuplets are one in 57 million. They were born two month prematurely with the assistance of Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe and two midwives. They are the 10th Great-Grandchildren of David Létourneau and Sébastienne Guéry.

My connection … 10th cousins.
Madonna – Singer

Born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, she is the 8th Great-Granddaughter of Zacharie Cloutier and Xiante Dupont and was born on the 16th of August, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, Detroit.

My connection … 9th cousin, twice removed.
Camilla Rosemary Mountbatten Windsor – The Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla Rosemary Mountbatten-Windsor, formerly Parker Bowles née Shand, was born on 17 July 1947 and is the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the thrones of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms. She is the 8th Great Granddaughter of Joseph Guyon and Geneviève Cloutier.

My connection … 10th cousin.
Céline Dion – Singer

Born the 30th of March 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Céline is the youngest of 14 children, a descendant of Anne Blouin and the 8th Great-Granddaughter of the first Blouin to immigrate to Quebec, Émery Mederic Blouin.

My connection …8th cousin, once removed.
Yvon Paré - Author and Poet

Born in La Doré in 1946, he obtained his baccalaureate in French Studies at the University of Montreal in 1966 and went on to publish a number of novels including Les Oiseaux de glace, Le Réflexe d'Adam, and Un été en Provence. Descendant of Jacques Blouin and 8th Great-Grandson of Émery Mederic Blouin.

My connection … 9th cousin, once removed.
Alexis “La Trotteur” Lapointe - Legendary Raceman

Born on 4 June, 1860 in La Malbaie, Charlevoix-Est, Quebec, the “flying horse of the Saguenay,” was an eccentric who firmly believed he was meant to be a stallion, born human by mistake. It is said that he could run faster than any horse and performed numerous superhuman feats. Author Marius Barbeau describes him as “a born simpleton . . . [who] possessed just enough sense to turn his strangeness into an asset, which he exploited to the point of becoming a celebrity.” (Kingdom of Saguenay, 1936, p. 154). Stories of Alexis’s exploits have become the fabric of myth; even his real identity is in dispute.

He is a descendant of Catherine Blouin, he was the 4th Great-Grandson of Émery Mederic Blouin.

My connection …5th cousin, four times removed.
Jill & John Roberts – The Roberts’ lineage descends from Thomas Holbrook. Cousins of (unknown # of generations):

“Heard Through the Grapevine” – Some other connections
Gilbert Langevin – Poet, Author and Song Writer

Descendant of Catherine Blouin and 7th Great-Grandson of Émery Mederic Blouin. Gilbert Langevin was born in Sainte-Anne-de Beaupré on 27 April 1938 and was one of the most respected and influential writers in Quebec with more than 35 books published over his life time. He received the Governor General's Literary Award in 1978 for his work Mon refuge est un volcan.

My connection …8th cousin, twice removed.
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